lexus circular (sustainable) collection

milk agency, nyc

art director

a zero waste capsule collection.​

The mission of the CFDA + LEXUS FASHION INITIATIVE is to inspire sustainable innovation and meaningful change within American fashion.


The C3 Capsule Collection is a catalog of zero waste clothes consisting of 5 pieces — each made entirely from gold level certified sustainable yarn pioneered by Stella McCartney.

Logo Design

Inspired by circularity, this logo also represents the 3 C’s — Circular Capsule Collection.


lookbook photo layout jpegscienne.jpg
lookbook photo layout jpegsm.patmos.jpg
lookbook photo layout jpegsst roche.jpg
lookbook photo layout jpegsstudio
lookbook photo layout jpegswhit.jpg

A Seat At The Table | Showcase Installation

Installation  Oana Stănescu. 

A table to bring everyone together, to open a dialogue, to share ideas, to start a revolution.